Salzburg Experience

Salzburg experience

Things to see and do

Salzburg is a magical place full of history and charm. To help you experience the city from its best side, we’ve chosen our favorite cafés, restaurants, and spots to visit. So that at the end of your trip, you can say: "Yes, I was really in Salzburg!"

Shoppen in der traditionellen Getreidegasse in Salzburg - Während Ihres Urlaubs in der Villa Ivy dürfen Sie sich ein Shoppingerlebnisse in der Getreidegasse nicht entgehen lassen! - (Villa Ivy Salzburg - Salzburg Experience) Getreidegasse

When was the last time you’ve been speechless?

Salzach from above - So much to experience in and around Salzburg. How about the amazing Salzach activities? - (Villa Ivy Salzburg - Salzburg Experience) River Salzach
Romantic things to do in Salzburg - Romantic things to do in Salzburg - (Villa Ivy Salzburg - Salzburg Experience) Oldtown
View to the Castle Hohensalzburg - View to the Castle Hohensalzburg - (Villa Ivy Salzburg - Salzburg Experience) Fortress Hohensalzburg
Where to find the real Mozartkugeln - A favorite place for sweet tooths is the Café Fürst in Salzburg - (Villa Ivy Salzburg - Salzburg Experience) Café Fürst

Worth a visit, we promise

Festspielhaus Salzburg Villa Ivy - Kultur erleben während den Aufenthaltes in der Villa Ivy und dabei nur 20 Minuten der Altstadt entfernt einschlafen und aufwachen. - (Villa Ivy Salzburg - Salzburg Experience) Salzburg Festival

Further Tips

  • Salzach River

    Follow the Salzach river to Café Bazar, where the coffee flows.

  • Walks

    Wander through the streets of the old town of Salzburg and experience its history.

  • Gstättengasse

    Eat and drink with local Salzburgers at their ‘traditional meeting place’, in the historic centre of the city.

  • Steingasse

    Walk through Salzburg’s oldest street and visit number 31, once the home of Joseph Mohr, the writer of the lyrics of ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’.

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